They learn so early….

Posted on: December 29, 2011

So I play a game with my nephew where I fake cry for him and he thinks it’s funny. One morning, while they were visiting, he asked me to “Cwy!!”  I said no, as it was too early for me. So he came over from the table, hit my leg and then said “I’ll hit you!” A little too late for the warning, but whatever…   I asked him, “why would you hit me??” and he said, with a massive smile on his face, “I’ll hit you so you cry hard!” …. he’s 3.  Seriously. Boys are born with the ability to hurt girls for their own amusement. The hurt is just innate in them.

Now, having told you this story, I also have to say he and his sister are the loves of my life. They make me happier than anyone else ever has and probably anyone ever will… maybe even more than my own kids (if i have any) since I can hand them back to their mom when I’m tired. He’s a loving kid and let’s face it, I taught him that my crying is funny, so it’s basically my fault we play this game.


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