Random (not so) Deep Thoughts

Posted on: January 6, 2012

1. Went to a New Years lunch with my team at work, all girls, to an Indian buffet. I totally wanted to get a second plate but nobody else did…. So neither did I. Moral of the story is to always have at least one guy with you when you go to a buffet, so someone will have seconds and/or dessert with you. Don’t go with a bunch of girls who just started their post-holiday diets. No wonder girls can be so bitchy. We’re always fucking hungry.

2. Headed to Kenya in a few days… was looking into a weekend get-away. A friend suggested Lamu, which is a no-go, since that’s where the kidnappings happened recently. Then I got to thinking:
a) If I was (god forbid) kidnapped, who would even bother to pay my ransom??
b) My parents would probably be thrilled that someone finally wanted me*
c) I wonder if they’d consider my ransom to be a dowry – like they’d pay it and still just ask them keep me*

3. Told my parents I’m traveling with my coworker who is also single/indian/female. Per the Indian Dad Manual, he asked first about her education and then about her marital status. Since she’s also single, he told me we should both look for single boys on the flights. He doesn’t know that didn’t work out so well the last time I did that.

4. Switched to Kaiser for my medical insurance… they refused to cover my malarone for my previous Tanzania trip, saying they don’t cover travel medication. So they’d rather I actually get malaria? WTF. I thought they were supposed to be pro preventive healthcare.

5. Kate Middleton turns 30 this week and according to the DailyMail, my favorite thing to read when I’m supposed to be working, she is getting a diamond tiara from the queen. When I turned 30, I was asleep on my parents’ couch and got a special home-cooked dinner. Fairness really isn’t a big part of life, is it.

6. Just finished watching Downton Abbey online on PBS… it’s basically about how women in early 1900s England are treated like property, don’t count as a person until they’re married and can’t actually inherit anything on their own because of their bad luck at being born a woman. So basically, 100 years later, it’s still the same thing for Indian girls. Awesome.

*I am completely joking. We do not pay dowries and my parents would totally try to raise the ransom money (sure to be in the *hundreds*) and ask for my safe return ūüėČ


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