Mother’s Intuition

Posted on: January 22, 2012

I got back from Kenya yesterday to find that my license plates had been stolen from my car, which I’d left at off-airport parking.  Great… I made it through 2 weeks in Nairobi with no issues, but that was my welcome home. Thanks a lot, Atlanta.

After reaching home, I called mom to let her know what had happened, and I swear she says: “I was just sitting here saying prayers and thought it was taking you too long to call. Then I had this vivid picture that you were talking to the cops because your license plate had been stolen.”  I was in shock… I’ve mentioned in this blog before how she dreamt that I’d met someone on a plane soon after British and I had become serious.

So then she says, “I had another dream too. That you called from Africa and said, ‘Mommy, I have good news! He proposed!'”  This one just made me laugh… I told her she definitely wasn’t psychic on this one and that there was no one proposing to me. At all. Sorry mom… you’re over 50% on your psychic visions, but not on the ones that count! 😉


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