Super Bowl Memories

Posted on: February 2, 2012

Things were so different a year ago. I was in Botswana for work, living with a friend (you know who you are – miss you!). We stayed up to watch the Super Bowl… had planned to do it all-American style with snacks and drinks, but really we just slept on the couch while waking up to see some plays, since it was an 8 hour time difference. We caught all of half-time though, which was awful.

The US was frozen over, but we were hanging out at the pool every weekend. I don’t think I made many friends when I came back having missed most of winter and with visible tan lines.

British and I were just starting to chat daily. It was exciting and new and I got butterflies every time I saw an email from him. Now we don’t talk at all… I don’t know if we ever will again. Some days I miss him more than others. Today was one of those, for no special reason.  I really really miss the person I knew as a friend, before a year ago.  The one where things weren’t serious and there were no feelings and we just chatted. It’s too late to get back to that now.

Two years ago, I was here in Atlanta. I’d just got back from a Super Bowl party and was a little tipsy, sitting on my couch and watching tv. I heard a knock on my door and looked out the peephole, but didn’t see anything. Without asking who was there or even checking if anyone was OR EVEN KEEPING THE CHAIN ON THE DOOR…. I opened it. Fucking just opened the door without thinking. And standing there, right out of view of my peephole, at the edge of the staircase, was this guy I had never seen before.

My heart skipped a beat cause there I was, in my pajamas, door wide open, like a fucking impala waiting for a lion to attack. He just looked at me and asked if I had got home from a SB party…  At that point, I pretty much thought I was going to die. I told him to leave and quickly shut the door and locked, bolted and chained it.  I called my neighbor (thumb-sucker from the other post) because I know he carries a gun, and he came over to look around, gun strapped to his waist….luckily, everything was fine. Two years later and nothing bad having happened, it is pretty clear that he was just a drunk partier who found his way to my door. It could’ve been very different though.

I’m an idiot. Honestly… at some point, I’ll tell you ALL the stupid things I do and you’ll wonder how I make it around the world. Hell, you’ll probably wonder how I get out of bed without getting hurt. Sometimes I wonder myself.



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