Extra baggage

Posted on: February 21, 2012

I’ve gained some weight recently and for some reason I refuse to do anything about it. It’s not a lot, just about 5-8 lbs or so – which if I just got off my lazy ass and got back on my regular workout routine would probably melt away quickly.

But I don’t. I come home after work instead of going to the gym – I eat, eat some more, watch some tv and basically barely move. I wake up and go from my bed to my car to my desk to my car to my sofa to my bed. And I’m clearly not having any sex so there is NO exercise during any of that time. Fuck. It’s a miracle I’m not out of breath taking a shower.

The weight is distributed pretty normally for a girl, split between my tummy and my boobs, because my body thinks it’s high time I prep for carrying a baby and that’s where the weight needs to be. Every month I flush some good eggs down the toilet and hope it’s not all the smart ones that are escaping.

My boobs have gotten even bigger … and they are pretty big to start with. It’s annoying, because although the boys love it, my bras barely contain them and I don’t want to spend more money buying bras that fit because I’m about to go into the ‘specialty’ sizes and would have to order them. I refuse. So instead, I walk around with 4 boobs instead of 2 and readjust all day long.

I am all sorts of classy lately. No wonder my friends are surprised that hot guys like me.



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