Library Books

Posted on: February 29, 2012

I love the library. Always have. When we were teenagers, my parents didn’t let any of us work – they thought it would interfere with school – but we had to volunteer, and me and my siblings all volunteered at the library for years. It’s not as glamorous as it sounds… which is probably not glamorous at all. I put books away, bound them with glue when they were ripping at the seams and helped people find stuff in the card catalog using the Dewey Decimal system. That is pretty much a skill that will never be useful again.

I’ve gotten lazy about actually perusing books though (surprise surprise! I’m lazy in yet another way!) – so I just look up what I want online, reserve them, and wait for the emails to roll in that they’re waiting for me to pick them up.

Accidentally, I reserved a book in large print. I am sure my library system thinks I’m 80 years old. Anyway – if you’ve never read a large print book (I hadn’t until now) it’s ridiculous. First of all, large print makes Dr. Seuss look like War and Peace. It seems so daunting until you realize there are like 5 words per page.

And then, random words are bolded. Do YOU know how distracting IT is to read a book like this? And THE bold words don’t even make sense. It’s like they actually used a BLIND person to choose which words get special treatment.

I did finish the book – lovely little chick-lit reading where the girl gave up her high-powered lawyer job to become a housekeeper. And fell in love with the gardener. And lived happily ever after in a little British village. Fuck them.







2 Responses to "Library Books"

Why is the ‘leave a comment’ in such an odd place that I spent a good 3 minutes figuring out how I can possibly leave a comment?! I have actually read that book twice and I cried both times!!! I want that dude’s mom to teach me how to cook too lol 🙂

OMG! You remember the book! LOL. It was good, huh? Not the best, but easy reading and I cry too… only because it irritates me so much 😉

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