I’ll take you to Chili’s

Posted on: March 4, 2012

Went out last night with a friend and we ended up at Clermont Lounge – go ahead and google it for pics. It’s fun and awesome and it brings together a varied crowd – yuppies, assholes, tatted up guys, black, white, asian, old, young.

The strippers, to put it nicely, are out of their prime. This isn’t where you go to find fancy pole work. 2 drinks cost $9.50 total. $9.50! That’s less than a lunch!!

Anyway, I was at the bar ordering a few drinks and put my purse down on the empty chair next to me. The guy that was there said his ‘girl was coming right back’ so I couldn’t have it. No worries, I told him, I just needed to get my credit card. I took my purse off the chair but we kept talking. He gave me a dollar to tip the stripper and I was about to hand it over but he stopped me. He told me I had to make her ‘work for it’ – and I said “what’s she gonna do for a dollar?” and he said he didn’t know but I couldn’t just give it to her.

At this point, his ‘girl’ came back so I just left the dollar on the bar. I thought it was inappropriate to tip a naked woman (although this one was in her 60s, fully nude and enjoying the song a lot) with money given to me by some random guy, in front of his female friend.

So it turned out this was probably one of their first dates because we overheard him a little bit later: “Babe, if we keep dating, I’ll take you to Chili’s.”

Just fucking awesome.


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