Olympic Sex

Posted on: March 8, 2012

No, I’ve never had “Olympic sex” – I don’t even know what that is. Sex in Greece? Sex with an Olympian? Sex while the Olympics is playing in the background? Sex for a really long time?  I’m not sure but those all sound good to me. In any case, just because I haven’t done doesn’t mean I don’t want to… My plans for later this summer include going to London, having a good time and fucking an Olympic athlete, because why not. I don’t even care what sport – it could be a guy from the {whatever country} ping-pong team and I’d be fine with that.

The reason I even want to do this is because I have had the chance to sleep with an Olympian before and I passed it up!!!! I didn’t know until I googled him that he was a Bronze-medal winner in hockey AND he’d just signed a $4M contract!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It was a few years ago and I was in Chicago for a bachelorette party (that marriage ended already, but she’s WAY better off). We were out for the night and ran into a NHL team that was celebrating making the play-offs. They invited us up into the VIP area and we just hung out for awhile. I ended up sitting next to this really nice Czech guy. We watched as one of the girls from my party gave one of his team-mates a lap-dance. He kind of raised his eyebrow at me to say “Where’s mine” and I laughed and told him he had the wrong girl, there was no way I was doing that. He laughed as well and said he was glad I wouldn’t. We chatted for a bit, as much as you can in a loud club, and around 2am, a few of us shared a cab back to the hotels.

He asked me to come spend the night so we could “talk” some more, which actually made me snort. I was sitting in his lap, of course, as there was no room in the taxi, so I’m sure he really appreciated me laughing at him. He very sweetly (and probably very lying-ly) said he’d get me my own room, he just wanted to get to know me better. I kissed him goodbye as he got out of the cab and gave him my number.  Yeah… he didn’t call. I was a little sad but not surprised. After getting home, I googled him and found what I missed out on…. ARGH!!!!  He was cute, funny, sweet, and totally wanting to get laid BY ME!

I said no only because I didn’t want to deal with the hassle of finding a taxi in the morning, doing the walk of shame, making us late for the next day out, etc etc … Dammit.

I will always be selfish from now on.


2 Responses to "Olympic Sex"

Stand by your decision, girl!! Don’t fuck guys for their celebrity status.. I’ve fucked an Olympian, and all I can say is … meh!!

I should’ve made it more clear – he was cute and fun and I wanted to, it would’ve just been a bonus when I found out later that he was an Olympian on top of already being a pro-athlete. Damn being the good girl! 😉

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