Arranging Marriages – part 2

Posted on: March 11, 2012

The love affair between my dad and Z’s dad continues (Arranging Marriages).

Z did email me last week, finally, after 2 months. I haven’t emailed back yet – what’s one week after it took him 2 months? Honestly, I don’t think he’s interested (I think at this point he just does what he has to do to get his parents off his back) and I’ve lost any interest I had as well. Since our 8-hour date 4 months ago, we’ve talked approximately 3 times. This whole thing is being pushed along by our parents (actually, just the dads), who clearly have nothing better to do.

So per the last post, my dad had emailed his dad saying I hadn’t heard from him. My dad got a response back today: “… .Z tells me he has written to CurryLove. I think we should speed them up. I know everybody is busy. Once he is back home they can meet more frequently.”

His father is as delusional as mine. There is nothing to speed up!!!! I don’t know how many more ways I can point this out, but it’s a waste of breath to keep trying so basically now I just say nothing and sigh very deeply every time my dad brings this all up. Also, WE DON’T LIVE IN THE SAME CITY!!! Soooo — I don’t really understand how his being home helps anything. But again, whatever.

As for Z, it turns out he’d been traveling the past few months – to some place that had no internet? To somewhere on this planet that is so remote that he couldn’t find wifi? To somewhere where he was cut off from all communication and there was NO WAY he could’ve ever sent an email to say hello if he’d wanted to?? Um, no. He was in Europe.

In his email, he had a pic attached of his site-seeing adventures and jauntily asked at the end: “Can you figure out where I was?”  What the fuck – do I look like I want to play “Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego?” after two months of silence?

Boys are so dumb – all of them – in one way or another.


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