Strippers and Karaoke

Posted on: March 14, 2012

Had a friend in town and we hung out last night… he mentioned he hadn’t been to Clermont Lounge (site of the infamous chili‘s story) in years, so I told him when I was there last, the bartender said Tuesday karaoke is the best night to come. He was up for it, so off we went.

We were chatting at the bar and he said his last visit to a strip club was September, when he’d gone on an all-boys trip. I asked if his wife was cool with it:

Him: “Yeah, she’s ok with it.”

Me: “Really? I’m surprised she’s fine with you going to a strip club.”

Him: “Well, we’ve gone together before so I’m sure she’d be fine with it.”

Me: “Ummmmmm…. Wait. What?? You’re sure she’d be fine with it? So she’s not actually ok with it, she just doesn’t know????”

Him (kind of laughing at this point): “She didn’t say that I couldn’t go, so she must be ok with it.”

Me: “OH MY GOD! SHE DIDN’T KNOW YOU WERE GOING, HOW COULD SHE BE OK WITH IT?!?!? Not knowing doesn’t give you tacit approval to do things!!!”

His freaking logic is basically like saying, well my parents didn’t say I couldn’t do heroin, so it must be ok.  Dumbass.

I pointed out that now he could never tell her that he went because she’ll never believe nothing happened. AND he can’t tell her we hung out, because she for some reason thinks I’m trying to get in his pants, which I am not. And had I wanted to, I would’ve done that before they ever got together. Hmph. Anyway, he’s moving overseas to Europe soon and I told him how jealous I was – he said I had an open invitation to visit whenever I want. Ha! I’m pretty sure she’ll have a hotel reservation waiting for me when I show up – in the next town over.

Anyway, as we finished up the conversation, karaoke started and the strippers didn’t stop stripping. It really is kind of awesome. They totally love their bodies (droopy boobs, c-section scars, general old-ness and all), love their work, happily take it all off for $1 bills, and dance with so much pride and rhythm – some in proper heels, some in flip-flops. I wish I liked my job half as much as they like theirs.


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