Savannah (or, how CurryLove got her groove back)

Posted on: March 19, 2012

Went to Savannah this past weekend for St. Patrick’s day… they were expecting a million people. There was about 999,550 too few. Still it was crowded and dirty and I rode a mechanical bull for the first time. Awesome.

It was a fantastic weekend with drama, laughs, drinks and boys. Lots of fun with cute boys. I think my cha-cha is out of mourning, officially.

I would’ve gone home with this very cute pharmacist on Saturday night, except for the fact that he was staying in a hotel that required a wrist-band, and since I wasn’t staying there, I didn’t have said wrist-band and we couldn’t hook-up. The Hyatt basically cock-blocked me, which is probably not a bad thing. He was a fantastic kisser and I would love to see him again, but let’s face it, long-distance doesn’t work. šŸ˜‰

Met another boy on Friday night, who I will hopefully see again (we’ll call him J) – he was sooo drunk when we met and after we parted ways, this was our text conversation:

Him: “You’re pretty cool for a girl.Ā  I actually had a great time with you tonight. Can’t wait to drop kick you in the AM”

Him: “Straight up flying drop kick”

Me: “I don’t have cooties? cool. No ones ever threatened me with violence before. Awesome. Ā  ;)”

Him: “Not real violence, that would be weird and aggressive.”

Him: “I made you a mix tape, it’s mostly new kids on the block and ace of base but it’s cool in my book”

This was 330am and I could not stop giggling, but very quietly, since I was sharing a bed with my girlfriend. We’ve texted a bit today and I’m really hoping we have a date. He was a total ego boost – told me how pretty I was all night long, and that I looked like Salma Hayek. YES! I am totally willing to overlook how drunk he was at this point to just believe he really thought that. (Although – I have heard that a lot, but not so recently since she’s not been in the movies much lately.)

For some reason, I didn’t kiss him. Not that he didn’t try. Multiple times. He told me I was like a ninja with how fast I could turn my face to give him just my cheek. But he was really sweet and funny and I hope he calls. Fingers crossed.

More (and better) stories to come…


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