Savannah – part 3 (or, Memories Returning)

Posted on: March 23, 2012

I mentioned previously that I met the pharmacist while we were waiting in line to get into a bar. Within a few minutes, we already knew he was single and 30 years old. I didn’t remember/know how we started talking, and I couldn’t really remember what I said. Until my friend filled me in… apparently, our conversation at some point went like this:


  •       Me: “You probably don’t know how to blow a girl right”  — yup. I SAID THAT! I don’t even know what that means, that’s how drunk I was. I guess I meant lick and it just came out all wrong?
  •       Him: “Actually, I’m divorced…. She was cheating on me.”
  •       Me: (after snorting)… “Then you definitely didn’t blow her right”.


OMG! I told some stranger that his wife cheated on him because he sucked in bed!!!!!!!!!! HOLY FUCK WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?!!!?

Obviously he didn’t care too much, cause we made out all night. AND he texted me: “You are awesome. So glad we met”

Clearly, my new strategy to lure guys should be to drop the niceness and just be a straight up bitch. It works.


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