I have a secret

Posted on: March 25, 2012

… I buy my underwear in the little girls’ section of Target.

It’s half the price of the undies in the lingerie section and twice the cloth.  Apparently, a girl’s size 14 (XL) is equivalent to a woman’s small. Thanks, America’s ever-increasing obesity epidemic!

Also, thanks to the ridiculous hyper-sexualization of children, the patterns aren’t even puppies or butterflies or rainbows or shit like that. They’re stripes, polka dots or solid pretty colors.

I also purchased a jig-saw puzzle (I like them and am nerdy. So what?), a hula hoop (I read it helps to lose weight and tone abs) and a chocolate Easter bunny.

The check-out person either thinks I’m schizo or a pervert trying to lure little girls.  This is probably the only time in my life I hope someone thinks I’m crazy over the alternative.


4 Responses to "I have a secret"

Once I walked into a Victoria’s secret to buy somebody a gift and I couldn’t buy anything since it felt like everybody was watching me as I fumbled through weird looking langerie. I am a guy, that’s not my natural habitat!

I used to shop at GapKids and Limited Too when I was a size 4!

Haha… why not? It’s cheaper and looks just as good!

Why not? Coz I am more than double a size 4 now 😦

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