Arranging Marriages – Part 4

Posted on: March 27, 2012

My cousin’s wife had called a few days ago with an email of a boy who is also “looking” to get married (this is how the connections work – someone knows someone who knows someone who has a son that is around my age and well educated and here’s his email or phone – basically I end up having to ‘cold-call’ these boys who may or may not know their information is being handed out). I had forgotten about it until I talked to dad today:

  • Dad: “Did you email him?”
  • Me: “Um… I’ll do it tonight.”
  • Dad: “Damnit! You kids take so much time to do everything. The longer you wait, the more it seems you’re not interested.”

At this point, he went off on a 3 minute rant but I held the phone away from my ear so I couldn’t actually hear what he was saying but knew when he was done so I could properly respond. So, three minutes later:

  • Me: “Ummmmmmmmmm… ok ok. I’ll email tonight”
  • Dad: “Do it right now! Send me a copy so I know you did it!”
  • Me: “DAAAAAAAAAAAAADDY! I’m not copying you on anything. AND I’m heading into walmart!”
  • Dad: “So, go in a corner and send the email.”  (This made me giggle)
  • Me: “You know I don’t have an iphone. Are you gonna buy me one??”
  • Dad: “I’ll buy you one as a wedding gift if you marry him. I’ll even buy him one. We’ll get two iphones if you just get married!”

We were both laughing at this point, so that was good. And this isn’t the first time they’ve resorted to (nonincentive) bribery that has failed.  In any case, I just got home and the first thing I did was email the boy.  Let’s see how long it takes for him to respond.  Hmph!

On the flip side, at least my parents didn’t ask about Z!!!!  When I chatted with mom this weekend, she did tell me again that my dad is mad at me because according to him, Z WANTED TO GET MARRIED and it was me that was holding this back… uhhhhh yeah.  Not talking to me for months, barely calling when we were chatting and NOT BOTHERING TO LET ME KNOW HE LEFT THE COUNTRY!!! are all super clear indications that he wants to be with me till death do we part.

What. The. Fuck.


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