Arranging Marriages – Part 5

Posted on: March 29, 2012

Talked to Mom briefly tonight. She asked if I emailed that boy and I said I did, but haven’t heard anything. Left a voicemail for Z too, haven’t heard back. Updated her on all the boys that don’t bother to call/email back. Not a super extensive list, but still.

She asked if I told them I was going to be in Africa for the next two weeks. Um, yes mom. I”m not completely retarded.

Then she lowers her voice, “Dad can’t hear me right now so I’m telling you quickly — he had tears in his eyes after we talked to you the other day.”

And then she raised her voice and we continued chatting like she didn’t just make me feel like utter shit.  Just an utter and complete failure who makes her dad cry because she’s not fucking married.  Nothing I do will ever matter until I have a husband. I have always known this…it just sucks to hear it.




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