The Best Sex I Ever Had

Posted on: March 30, 2012

He was 23 and a firefighter. I was 30.  We met at the wedding of my friend, who happens to be his step-sister. A bunch of us were staying at her house, but I came in so late I didn’t meet anyone till the morning of the wedding.

I knew she had a hot step-brother and he did not disappoint. Over 6′ tall, blonde, blue eyes, ex-college quarterback and a body to die for…  and he had a girlfriend. I assumed nothing was going to happen given that I was already ancient and he had mentioned at the rehearsal dinner that he was thinking of proposing to her (they broke up soon after).

So, fast forward to the reception – we were all pretty drunk after an awesome open bar and he and I were dancing together.  Again, I figured he was just being nice to his sister’s friend since I was there alone, as usual.

We walked out together at the end of the night, and he grabbed my hand and then stopped me, pulled me in and kissed me. It was amazingly romantic and sweet, except for the person who was walking with us and didn’t quite know where to look while this all happened.

And from there… it was on. Went home, realized neither of us had protection so made a quick condom run to Walmart (safety first! And thank god for 24 hour stores) and went at it.

6 times in one night. SIX TIMES. SIIIIIIIIIXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX TIMES. I don’t know if it’s because he was 23 or because he was in such a good shape or  if we just clicked but it was THE best sex I have ever had.

I was his best sex too. I know because he told me and it wasn’t one of those things that were just said in the heat of the moment. Or, at least, I choose to believe it wasn’t.

We fucked every which way possible and it was absolutely awesome. We hooked up one more night after that, and then we were done. It was a brief fling that made me incredibly happy.

A few notes to this story:

1) I asked him when he knew that he wanted to fuck me and he said he knew the minute he saw me in the morning in the kitchen, standing in my tee and shorts that I slept in. He said he would’ve bent me over the sink but didn’t think that was appropriate considering we’d just met.  Eh… I would’ve let him.

2) Apparently, we didn’t clean up well after ourselves. We thought we had, but my friend found a used condom on her floor. Her reaction was: “Well, at least we know he’s fertile.”  This is why I love my friend. 🙂

3) While in Savannah, we shared a van with these super cute firefighters from Boston. My drunk ass told them the story of “The Best Sex I Ever Had” because I feel it’s my duty to let them know how well represented they are.  The really cute one told me he was too drunk to try to break the record, but he would dig deep and be able to pull off at least one, if I wanted.  I did want, but figured I shouldn’t screw some guy that I knew for 5 minutes. But I did want to.

4) My best-sex-ever just got married a few weeks ago. My friend was at the wedding, of course, where she ending up fucking his friend, during the reception, in her car. This is also why I love her 🙂   She told her brother what she’d done and he replied, “Now we’re even”… awwwwwwwww yeaaaaaaaaaaah. Gotta admit, it’s a little bitchy of me, but I fucking love that on his wedding day, he remembered what we did.



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