I”m an idiot – part 1

Posted on: April 4, 2012

I got back to the hotel today , got to my room and realized the key didn’t work. I decided since I’m only on the first floor, I would actually get some exercise and take the stairs down.  I got on the stairs, heard the door shut and for some reason thought, ‘OMG. What if I’m stuck in this stairwell?” Which… why would I be? Oh… because I’m in Africa, that’s why.

Turns out that you can take the stairs down, but none of the doors that lead to floors have indoor handles. What the fuck. How am I supposed to get in to the lobby when there’s no handle? Turns out, I’m not. I actually had to exit to the street and walk around to get in the hotel, from the front.  This act of stupidity was totally not my fault but I looked like a complete jackass.

I mentioned to the girls at the front that this happend and is there another staircase? No, no there is not. Just don’t take the stairs. They think it’s as stupid as I do.

So then, on my way back out, after the key got sorted, I took the elevator. Not making the same mistake twice, right? Well, this elevator has a mirror on the side, but only on one side, so it makes it seem like it’s longer on one side than the other. I didn’t realize it was a mirror. The nice guy inside held the door open for me, and I tried to get out of his way by going into a passage-way that doesn’t actually exist. I actually bumped into the fucking back of the elevator.

And then, to make things better, I said to him: “This elevator confuses me.” HOLY FUCK. Why don’t I just keep my mouth shut? Nope. Always have to be honest. Always. This all happened in the span of 10 minutes.  My name is CurryLove and I’m a certified idiot.


1 Response to "I”m an idiot – part 1"

I’ve had many run-ins with confusing elevators on my travels too so you’re most certainly not alone! Might start a support group.

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