Eating alone

Posted on: April 5, 2012

I’ve had dinner by myself every night since I’ve been here but tonight was the first night I ate really alone. Usually I sit at the bar and chat with the bartenders or other hotel guests who are also traveling solo, but tonight the only thing I wanted (a salad) was only available at one restaurant at the hotel, and it didn’t have a bar. 

So I sat at a real table with my Shape magazine (I like to read it and never do any of the workouts) and ate my salad and then my chocolate mousse cake, which was to dieeeeeeeeeeeee for (while still reading my magazine that tells me eating chocolate cake won’t help me get flat abs. So what. It was yum.)

This is not some epiphany post where I discover how much I love eating in silence, reading, meditating. No. It sucks. I hated it. I even tried super hard to ‘savor every bite’  but really, I just felt like a mental-case and was fucking bored.

Back to the bar for me tomorrow!



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