So it wasn’t really a date

Posted on: April 22, 2012

Met Greek yesterday for coffee. Well, he had coffee, I had Bellinis. Why not? (My ever expanding waistline is why not, but that’s another post…)

So we chatted and caught up on the past few months and he was telling me about how he just had to end a ‘friendship’ (more than he was letting on, I think) with this girl because she thought they were more than they were. He said they were just friends, but they spent every weekend together and she apparently started developing feelings for him, so he thought they should stop hanging out as much.

Ok, WTF. Just… why are we discussing this? I DON’T CARE. If this conversation doesn’t end with his pants coming off (Spoiler alert: IT DID NOT) then I don’t really understand… I’m not looking for a relationship. I guess I haven’t made this clear, but it seemed bitchy to just say that during this conversation about another girl.

Like my friend T said, “Who needs more friends at this point in our lives? It’s hard enough to keep up with the ones we already have.” It’s so true!

Anyway, we chatted a bit more and then paid for our own drinks. SO NOT A DATE.

He texted today saying he was glad we met up and hoped I had a good rest of my Saturday. That’s sweet, but whatever. It’s time to move on, I just don’t know to who…


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