Zanzibar – Part 2

Posted on: April 25, 2012

Watched some Norwegian (I think) band play with local musicians at the Mtoni Palace. Completely surreal watching this concert in the ruins of an old palace.



The Anglican Church in Stone Town, with a mosque just behind it. The church was built on the site of the old slave trade. We went Sunday, so there were services - I couldn't get close to the altar where the old slave whipping post used to be. It was incredibly sad.


The chains that held the slaves. This was underneath the church (that was later built on top of the slave trade area) - I'm 5'2", and I had to stay stooped. There was a single slat to let light in, the opposing opening went to the sea. I had slight claustrophobia and I knew I'd be getting out. I cannot imagine what it must have been like for them.


The Slave Monument outside the church




A dhow in the House of Wonders - the middle opening is where slaves were held


A dhow coming in at sunset


Homemade flotation devices. This kid was awesome.


Eating at the night market near Stone Town - yummy food, great people and really nice chefs! There was a family that was on holiday, and they took the same route through the market my friend and I did - the wife and daughter would not eat anything. I will never understand people like that - how can you go somewhere so amazing and not even try the food???


2 Responses to "Zanzibar – Part 2"

Thanks so much for sharing your photos, CL! My husbo’s parents lived in Dar es Salaam (sp?) for 6 years, but I’ve never seen their photos of Zanzibar. It looks so beautiful (and heartbreaking too). You travel to the most wonderful places!

Awww! You’re so sweet! 🙂 I try not to complain about work (even when I hate it) because I know I have it better than most… I’ll post some more pics soon from safaris and Cape Town 🙂 Also, your husbo’s family are all over the place! I read your sister-in-law’s blog and love it 🙂

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