Gym Wars

Posted on: April 26, 2012

So although I’m looking for new regular gym, I do go to classes twice a week at a different gym in town. The teacher is awesome and I’ve been going to him for years.

People in classes get really particular about “THEIR” spot in class. I used to take a step class where if you even accidentally put your step down in someone else’s spot – they would make you move.  People saved spaces for their friends, they’d come 30 minutes early just to make sure they got to stand where they wanted, they’d give you dirty looks if you were anywhere near them —  it was ridiculous. We all pay the same amount to be there, it’s equal access as far as I’m concerned.

In any case, I go to my current class as regularly as I can – with the travel I’ve been doing, I’m sometimes out for a little bit before I make it back. But when I go back, it’s always like walking into Cheers – “HEY NORM!”  Love it.

I usually just put my stuff down and stand in the upper left corner. Have been doing so for years. Apparently, at some point when I was out, somebody else took that space. Fine, whatever, right? I just want to go, have access to a mirror to watch my form, and make sure I get a good workout. That is it. If someone is in “my spot” when I get there, I just find somewhere else to stand.  It’s not a big deal.

I went back on Tuesday after being gone for about 3 weeks and no one was there when I first walked in. Took my usual place and didn’t think of it. Well, this girl walked in about 10 minutes late, saw me in what I guess is now HER spot, ROLLED HER EYES and took a place behind me. I watched this all in the mirror and wanted to giggle.

At a break, I jokingly asked if I took her place and she goes, in a fake smiley voice, “You know you did — you saw me roll my eyes.” I just looked at her and asked if she had enough space or needed me to move up, but she said she was fine. Well then, quit your fucking bitching. Your name’s not anywhere on the floor. You aren’t special, though you think you are. I have no patience for this.

So today, I took the same place knowing damn well it’d piss her off. She walked in and if looks could kill, I would so be dead. Like instantly dead. She didn’t say shit though.

You know – I would’ve moved if she hadn’t been such a brat about it. I seriously do not care where I stand, who’s next to me, or anything else. I just want to sweat, watch my tummy jiggle in the mirror (if only sports bras were body-length), wonder how I got to be so chubby and almost puke when he makes us do 100s of lunges and sit-ups and push-ups. Is it really asking for so much to have a drama free workout? Is it?!?!



2 Responses to "Gym Wars"

Hah! OMG, CurryLove! I would have done the same thing. When people get bitchy it makes me get all “ohhh I don’t think so.” (Very non-Eckhart Tolle of me). And seriously, who wants to deal with that when you are trying to do something that isn’t particularly fun anyways. Eye-roll girl must lead a very small life.

p.s. Thanks so much for sending me that Swhopping link! xoxox

Thought EXACTLY the same thing you did about Eye-roll girl. Must be nice to not worry about anything else in life! 😉 Great minds think alike! 🙂

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