This Friday Night

Posted on: April 30, 2012

So Greek had asked me to go to a Wine Festival this past Saturday but I told him I was busy.  I just couldn’t. After our stupid anticlimactic coffee date, I really could not be bothered to spend an afternoon with him. Seriously – he’s hot, he’s got amazing biceps, he’s nice and smart … and I AM SO BORED WHEN WE HANG OUT. What is wrong with me? I meet a guy who is nice and sincere and I’m complaining about it. This is more my problem than his, I know this, I just can’t figure out why I’m not more excited when he wants to hang out.

Anyway, he texted me yesterday to ask how my weekend was, and I responded with the customary “It was great! How was yours?” And he said his was good and did I want to do something Friday night?


That’s what I wanted to text back, but I didn’t. I actually haven’t responded at all yet…  This is it. This is his last chance.  I’ve even been cleaning so we can come back here.

Put up or shut up.

Ha. That goes for me too. At least Friday evening may lead into Friday night which may lead into Saturday morning (but only if he promises morning sex)…. if this doesn’t work out, I’m done trying with him. (Oh, and clearly, desire/need to get laid won out.)


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