Posted on: May 1, 2012

I saw this story about Cameron Diaz and it got me thinking… if a Hollywood starlet isn’t immune to the British charms, what chance did I have?!?!?! I was a goner from the first word I heard him mutter to himself. Fucking accents.

But, a very smart lady made this comment: HadlyB says:

  • Don’t we all go through a phase of dating outside our country? It’s quaint at first, the differences, it’s exciting and the accents..gah the accents always used to get me but in the end .. men are men.

She’s right! The awesome accents can only hide the bullshit for so long… for me, it was about a year. And let’s face it, I still didn’t want to give up. I wanted it to work because of the exactly what she said – the differences, the excitement, the awesomeness of knowing that someone on the other side of the ocean was thinking of me… Fairy tales and promises, even delivered in an amazing accent, can still turn out to be just a bunch of shit.

I’ve been talking to this doctor in Dallas who is everything I should want – smart, interested in me, an interesting person himself, Indian… I obviously have not told my parents because they will have us married in a week if they get involved (and because even though the Indian community is a billion people worldwide, it’s still so small that we all know each other and it turns out that I actually do know his aunt. She lives in the same town my parents do… so yeah…)

In any case, he asked about my last relationship and usually I’m able to get my words out just fine but I couldn’t even fucking define what British and I had. Literally, this was my description: “Um, so there was this guy, we met on a plane, um…. he lived in Scotland. Um…. I don’t know. It wasn’t like we were together, we were on separate continents, but you know, there was emotional attachment for both of us. He broke my heart right before Christmas…. Um…. yeah.”

WTF. I cannot even properly put into words what ever it was we had. Very gracefully, Dr. Dallas didn’t make me feel stupid about it. He actually said it was brave that I even took the chance I did on love, given that at our age most people are too jaded to do so.

Luckily, he does not have a Texan accent. That’s not one that I’m so in love with… and ironically, turns out he was born in England. They moved to the States when he was little. He pointed out how funny it would be if I still ended-up with a “British” guy after everything.  He’s supposed to visit in May – will keep you posted on what happens.  I’ve got my fingers crossed, but I’ve done this too many times to know it’s  still probably only a 50-50 chance it’ll work out. Maybe if all of you keep your fingers crossed too, that’ll go up 😉

Back to the accents – here’s an awesome cartoon from The Oatmeal:





2 Responses to "Accents"

Ha! I love those The Oatmeal. My boyfriend is always convinced that I’ll run off with a guy with a Scottish accent. I always tell him that it depends on what kind of Scottish accent! I kid. Definitely keep us posted on the doctor 🙂

So when I was in Edinburgh, I had an incredibly hard time understanding “true” Scottish accents. We bought shoes (which should be a universal language) at the department store and I still could not understand what she said!!! 🙂 Will definitely keep everyone posted on the doctor 🙂 By the way, LOVED the runway dogs! Soooo cute!!!

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