How Hot is Greek?

Posted on: May 6, 2012

He is so hot that last night, when we were out, he had some random guy ask if he’s a model. Greek said he’s not, and the guy gave him his number in case he wanted to pursue modeling.

You know how many times someone has asked me if I’m a model? Zero. Never. I often get told I’m pretty, but never have I been asked if I am a model.

So, we hung out last night with his friends and it was fun. Had a good time, nothing super exciting. I got super drunk off almost a bottle of wine, but still, nothing happened.

Tonight, he came out with me and my friends. And he’s fucking useless. He told me his friend last night was interested in me. That’s great, but then there had to be a conversation between the two of them were Greek had to say he wasn’t interested. That’s the only way that could work.

So I asked him, “Are you not interested?” and he laughed and then, immediately, we were going to another bar. And so I never got the answer.  And I didn’t get to clarify that I don’t want to hang out with him. Jesus Christ. Is it so hard to come over at 2am and leave by 4? I don’t think so.  Just fuck me and leave my place. I don’t want to talk to you. I don’t care about your dreams or aspirations. I really just want to have sex.

But that’s not happening, so I guess it’s on to plan F. I don’t what that plan is, but good God. It has to work better than this one.


1 Response to "How Hot is Greek?"

LOL! Greeks, the first pale-colored skin man I fell in love with the moment I laid my eyes on and I was only 18 and didn’t know such hot men exist in the same world with normal people like myself!

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