I found a gym!

Posted on: May 16, 2012

And it was staring me in the face the whole time!!! It’s walking distance to my house, $15 a month and did I mention only $150 to start up? No? Neither did they on their advertising. Goddamn gym math. I still joined because it made the most sense.

So, while I’m talking to the guy about joining, another member who was just chatting at the front desk starts to sell me on the place too. Honestly, I was already sold when I walked in – not because it’s so phenomenal, but because I am tired of having to listen to sales pitches. (This was how I bought my condo too – I got sick of looking after 2 months and just picked one (that I happened to like the most) and it worked out just fine!)

Anyway, this member was a bit older, in scrubs (Doctor maybe?!?!?! Who has younger friends for me?!!?!? Desperation has become my middle name) and he starts telling me how he used to be 450 lbs. I called bullshit, which he laughed and agreed to, AND THEN HE MADE ME FEEL HIS BICEP.

Because why not? That’s totally proper gym etiquette!

And because I sometimes do things without really thinking about it, I felt his bicep – admittedly, rock hard. Impressive. But why is this even happening? Because it’s me. That’s why.

So then, I’m signing up and the owner asks me what I do, and I told him I work in HIV prevention, and he asked about Truvada. OMG! A SMART GYM PERSON! MIND … BLOWN.

But the best part is … I worked on one of the studies that contributed data to the decision. Do you know how amazing that is for someone in public health?

Finding “new” approaches to diseases/programs/public health issues is HARD. People go a lifetime with never working on something that makes a difference… careers are made and broken on outcomes of clinical trials and studies. BUT ME! LITTLE ME! I got to be involved with something that was really fucking hard but ended up being amazing and may really help. (By the way — this is a complete oversimplification of the issues involved, but this is a blog about me and my experiences, not a medical discussion).  In any case, not only did I get to work on it, but I made some really good friends along the way (who are reading this now 🙂 ). I honestly don’t think I’ve ever been prouder of the work my colleagues and I have done then when this recommendation came out. WE MADE A DIFFERENCE.

And some random guy, at a gym, asked me about it and we ended up having a really good conversation about the drug, pros/cons, and just general public health issues.

This is totally the gym for me. 🙂


Bicep-man sadly did not look like this




3 Responses to "I found a gym!"

So awesome, CL! You finding a gym and also making a difference. Two very different incredibles!

p.s. Thanks for all the tips about Edi! Love, love, love them all!

So, I feel compelled to let you know half the time you can ASK for those fees to be waived or lowered and they are willing to do but most people blindly pay them so they don’t offer to do….I joined my gym and had over $300 in start up fees waived and only had to pay the first month and the transaction fee of $60 (which I felt was fair) but when my other friends went to join the same gym they not only ended up with a higher monthly membership, they also had to pay the additional fees…the economy is down and most places want your business….

Thanks! I usually don’t pay gym-fees, but I talked to the owner about it and he was pretty upfront about the cost and breakdown, and knocked off a little bit so it wasn’t too bad. Trust me – I’m cheap as fuck and HATE paying for things if I can talk someone out of it! 😉

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