Posted on: May 20, 2012

I spent the weekend with my friend, and she had to take her daughter to karate class, which reminded me of when I took karate. I never got past white belt…

We had to take electives in college, so I figured karate was a good option as I would fulfill my requirement for school and could use it for self-defense if I ever needed. The class was pass/fail, meaning I didn’t have to actually get a grade, just needed to get at least a C to get credit for the class.

It’s karate, right? How hard could it be? I did great in all my kata, passed my tests with flying colors (there’s actually a karate textbook that we had to read) and that brought us to the end of the semester. Given that I’d gotten A’s on everything, I saw no reason to have to take the final – I figured even if I didn’t take the final, I’d still pass the class.

So I went to my teacher (who was a graduate assistant at the time) and asked him if the final was optional.

He said: “It could be…”    YES! That was one less test I had to “worry” about!! And then he finished his sentence: “… if you go out with me.”

Me: “Um…what?”

Him: “Yeah, give me your number, and we can consider you passed.”

Me: “Ummmmmmmmm… I gotta go.”

Holy fuck. It’s karate, not Physics. I could fail the final and still pass the class. Did he really think I was that desperate to say yes??? (If he only knew me now…)

I did not take him up on the offer — went to the final, took it and on the way out, while I was putting the paper down on his desk, he says to me, in a low voice because even he knows he shouldn’t be saying it: “I still don’t have your number.”

I didn’t reply –  just dropped my test, left, and never saw him again.

It was the first (and most blatant) time I’ve ever been faced with sexual harassment. Maybe if it’d been like this, I wouldn’t have minded so much 😉





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