Arranging Marriages – Part 8

Posted on: May 24, 2012

My mom called a few days ago and told me that Z‘s aunt had called her and that he told her that we are still talking. I snorted (which is what I do when something is really funny) and said, “Mom, he’s lying. We’re not ‘talking’.”

And mom says: “Well, you leave each other messages – that’s probably what he meant.”

In a flash, I knew where I got my ability to make excuses for boys. Thanks, Mom. Of all the things I inherited from you, that one may not be my favorite  (the big boobs are).

In any case, it explains why, a couple of days before mom called, that Z actually had called me and left a message – because I am sure he spoke to his aunt, told her we’re still ‘talking’ and then felt guilty that he hadn’t called. I haven’t called back… what is there to say? We’re both clearly only still chatting because of our parents.  Even the semi-interest I had in him during our 8 hour date is gone. How long would that remain when HE LEFT THE DAMN COUNTRY AND DIDN’T TELL ME?!?!? Seriously?

I’m so tired of everyone, which is not a good thing because Dr. Dallas is visiting this weekend.  I should be excited, prepping for his visit…hell, maybe even clean my house, just in case we hang out here (he’s staying at a hotel). But no, I’ve done none of that. My friends that know are far more excited than I am.

I’m worried about a lot of things:

  • I’m worried about not feeling any attraction (I’ve never ever been with an Indian guy. I know. Trust me, I know.).
  • I’m worried that he won’t like me (ok, not really, but maybe that could happen).
  • I’m worried if it works, then I’ll have to move (he’s making a 6-figure salary — I doubt I’ll get to keep my job over his) and live a life that I never wanted of suburban boredom (I’m assuming this is going to happen, but there’s not so many other options as far as I see). Also, I was ready to move to fucking Britain… so why not to another state? Because it’s not exciting. Because it’s not exotic. Because it wasn’t what I had planned for myself. Just because.
  • I’m worried if it doesn’t work, then I’m still single, still not fulfilling my parents’ desires and still disappointing everyone, which is exactly why none of my family knows that I’m talking to him, much less that he’s visiting – they’ll get their hopes up like they always do and I’ll be responsible for destroying them — again.


2 Responses to "Arranging Marriages – Part 8"

Hey CL! I hope everything went well with Dr. Dallas and you had a fabulous weekend. And (not to jinxed anything) if you do get stuck in suburbia, it doesn’t mean you can’t visit (often) places you love — like the UK 😉

Thanks Lar!! Love that you guys distinguish yourselves now 😉 Looks like I won’t be stuck in suburbia any time soon unless I’m just crap at reading ambiguous signals!!

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