Arranging Marriages – Part 10 (aka, The Return of Z’s Dad)

Posted on: May 29, 2012

It wasn’t bad enough that I had an entire weekend with Dr. Dallas that culminated with a big fat nothing, but then, because apparently God has a special kind of torture planned for my life, my dad forwards me an email from Z’s dad.  This is it, word for word:

I hope all is well with you and your family. Z came back from training and now is going to be working. I think now we can get ahead and encourage children to move forward and soon. Z tells me due to time difference they are playing phone tag,but now it will be easier.They can now meet  and we have to decide sooner than later to take next step.What is your opinion?

I immediately called Z after work and left him not a very nice voicemail. I have been incredibly honest with my parents – me and Z aren’t talking, we’re not playing phone tag (one missed call per month doesn’t count) and the time difference? HE WAS IN PHOENIX. Oh, I’m sorry – since he was in  a completely alien place where he’s unable to call, I guess his email and/or text functions weren’t working either???

I’m D.O.N.E.  So when I called Z, this is what I said:

“Hey, hope you’re well. So your dad emailed my dad and said that you said we’d been playing phone tag, which isn’t exactly true. We’ve only had a few missed calls since the beginning of the year. Also, you left the country and I didn’t even know, so I’m not sure what you’re telling them but I’ve been really honest with my parents that nothing is going on and I’m catching shit for it because your dad emails and says we’re ready to move forward. I figured since we’re not chatting, we’re done but if I misunderstood us not talking, let me know. Talk to you soon.”

I haven’t heard from him. WHAT. THE. FUCK.  So now I have to be his cover because he doesn’t have the fucking balls to tell his parents the truth? And let’s them delusionaly believe that we are ‘something’??? I am SO MAD.

I get yelled at by my parents, I get told I’m not trying hard enough, that I’m always wrong, and it’s because this dickwad can’t tell the truth to his parents.

On my way to the gym, after leaving Z the voicemail, I called my sister and had word vomit about this weekend with Dr. Dallas and Z. And I told her she had to tell mom and dad about it all because when I talk, they don’t hear my words, only that there was a boy and that I fucked things up.

I don’t understand this generation of boys. They are nothing like our fathers and uncles and the men before them. That older generation is strong, they don’t show emotion, they don’t admit defeat – they fought racism and poverty and made something of themselves by hard work and determination and no complaints about what they had to do. They learned how to do things for themselves and taught us the same….

These assholes? They couldn’t find their balls even with Google.


4 Responses to "Arranging Marriages – Part 10 (aka, The Return of Z’s Dad)"

I can’t believe this (arranged marraiges) actually still happens to some degree. I’m angry too – for you. WTF indeed. And he’s a real pansy for not coming clean to his parents. On the other hand…you could just marry him, take him for all he has and then divorce his lame ass. 😉

The marriage/divorce idea had already entered my mind 😉 BUT… I don’t think I could put up with his pansy-ass for even that long! I *still* haven’t heard from him – not a text even to address my voicemail. I should cease being surprised at this point!!

Hi CurryLove,
I just chanced upon your blog. I was shocked and surprised when I read how men treat women in your country. And to be honest your blog is not alone. I have seen this pattern of bad dating behavior by guys on many female blogs.
Where I live, you go on a date only if you really really like a person (maybe after meeting them at work or college). And dating is not a numbers game – you are fully faithful to that one person until it really doesn’t work out.
I have lived in the US, and fortunately I did meet a guy who was exceptionally well-mannered, and the most genuine person I have met all my life. That made me forget and forgive all the douche-bags I met before him.
What I’d like to tell you is don’t compromise on your standards. And to have faith that there are really good men out there. Just don’t settle for less.

Thanks!! I think, just to clarify, I should state that I do live in the USA. 😉 These boys, though douchey, are no different from the white guys I’ve dated either. I just haven’t shared those stories yet – so basically, I am a douche magnet. 😉

But I definitely still have faith (though it’s shaky) on some days and I’m gonna keep trying!

Thanks for your note of support – it means a lot!

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