I tried dog food!!

Posted on: June 4, 2012

Ok… that title might be a little misleading… but it’s true! We were at the Highlands for Summerfest and my friend bought ‘all natural, all organic’ dog treats for her pup. According to the bakers (let’s hope to god it’s true), the treats were made with ingredients that people can eat too – one was with peanut butter, the other was a sweet potato muffin.

So the peanut butter one was covered in what looked deliciously like chocolate, but turned out to be carob (since dogs can’t eat chocolate?). YUCK. My mom tried to get us to eat carob when we were little and I’m still completely averse to it. It is such a faker! Looks like chocolate, feels like chocolate, tastes like ass (not that I would know for sure – I don’t do that). It’s not fair to pretend to be something so yummy and end up being so disappointing. At all.

The “muffin” was disgusting too, but mostly because they didn’t use sugar to sweeten it. I bet if they’d poured in the amount of sugar I’m used to, they wouldn’t have been bad!

Let me be clear, we didn’t take big bites of any of this. The ‘bites’ consisted of the smallest crumb I could grab and still get a taste, but I think I’m done experimenting with non-people food.


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