Posted on: June 5, 2012

I think by now, whether you know me in real life or through these posts, it’s pretty clear I’m not a hippy-dippy, crunchy-granola, nature-loving, crystal-wearing kind of girl. You’re more likely to find me being naughty behind a sports bar (true story, will tell you later) than you are to find me in deep yogic meditation. {Don’t get me wrong, I do my part for the Earth – I’m actually a nazi-recycler. I recycle EVERYTHING. I’ve actually pulled stuff out of the dumpster (it was empty except for the magazines that my dad mistakenly threw away instead of taking to the recycling center)!!  I take it all to a facility that recycles mixed paper, plastics 1-6, corrugated cardboard – a smorgasbord of blue bins to use. Of course, they don’t take styrofoam so that goes to a different place, so basically, all the time I spend driving around to various recycling centers is probably negating the good I’m doing by recycling, but whatever.}

ANYWAY… that long deviation was to get to the point of this story. I bought what I thought was a half-off voucher for an hour-long massage that turned out to be an hour-long reflexology session. Basically, the gist of reflexology is that there are pressure points in your feet and hands that connect to various organ systems of your body.  Now, for as much as I’m not all the things I listed above, I actually do believe our bodies are one large system instead of the ‘compartments’ that western medicine teaches us.

A few years ago, I went for a 1.5 hour massage, but the last 30 minutes was just reflexology. I told her I would prefer not to do it, but that wasn’t an option. She stated working on my feet (which I absolutely hate) and as she’s doing her thing, I can actually hear/feel these things she called “crunchies” and that was exactly what it was like – these weird crunchy things.

She finished up and said, “You have pretty bad stomach problems, you have had them for a while…” I was FLOORED. I have had IBS (I’m planning a post on chronic pain, so just wait for that fun one) for more almost 20 years now. And she could tell from MY FEET!!!!

So this past Sunday, when I go in for my reflexology, I didn’t tell her I’d done it before and we didn’t chat about health issues either. She did her thing and at the end of the hour, she shows me the pictures of the feet / body parts, and she says, “You have a lot of issues with your stomach.”


And the thing is, when both of them were working on my feet, even I could feel a difference in that area as opposed to the rest, where there were no issues.


If you get a chance, I recommend it… it’s really relaxing, but also just really neat. OBVIOUSLY IT DOES NOT REPLACE A REAL MEDICAL DIAGNOSIS (not that I think any of you are dumb enough to believe that), but it’s just an additional “weapon” in staying healthy and happy.  Actually, the girl from this past week said she worked on a woman and felt some weird stuff in the “breast” part of her feet (that was really weird to type) – the girl did find a lump in her breast and came back and told her.

Just awesome.


1 Response to "Reflexology"

You totally have me sold, CL! Cath and I both have had stomach issues forever and I will seriously try anything to help it (for instance, being on this hellacious diet of no gluten, no sugar, no dairy, no meat, no fun). So thanks so much for sharing!

p.s. haha! Love your recycling adventures. Cath and I always felt the same way when we would drive to the DeKalb Farmer’s Market to recycle.

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