Posted on: June 11, 2012

Went home to my parents’ place in Florida this weekend – my sister and I met up at the Atlanta airport and surprised our parents with a visit (my brother couldn’t come, which was a shame). All through our layover and on the flight, my sister’s kids (6 year old girl, 3 year old boy) were so excited and would not stop talking about HOW they were going to surprise them: “I’m going to jump up and down and say boo! No, I mean peek-a-boo!!!!” … “I’m going to yell SUP-WHISE!!!!!” … “I’m going to yell THIS LOUD!” … um yeah, none of that happened.

We got there, rang the bell, and DEAD SILENCE. Neither said ANYTHING! In any case, Dad came out first and was fine – recognized us all and gave the kids the biggest hug. Mom, on the other hand, came out, was confused (since they weren’t expecting us) and then almost fainted.  Like seriously started to weeble-wobble in the door way, held herself up with the frame of the door and then started to cry. I really thought we were going to have to call an ambulance. SO… that was the first and last surprise visit they’ll ever get!

The kids are awesome and put everyone in a good mood. We didn’t even talk about me not being married! I didn’t even get yelled at! We went to the beach and the pool and played all day long. I now know why people say that it’s best to have kids when you’re young. They’re a lot of work — it’s freaking exhausting! We ended up at the beach during high tide, so there were a lot of waves – the kids can’t really swim in the ocean (pool’s fine) so just imagine fighting breaking waves with an extra 3o lbs hanging off you. It’s soooo tiring.

The 6-year old gets up around 8am and stays up till 10pm. AND TALKS ALL DAY LONG.  I love it 🙂  She’s my mini-me and we have so much fun together. She’s also not as moody as when she was little which is nice. She’s also super cute and really smart. It’s fun to chat with her about everything (apparently, she asked my sister one day if her little brother’s pee-pee was going to fall off when he got older.  ha ha ha ha ha. We could not stop giggling about that for a long time).

The 3-year old is a naughty, funny little boy. For the first full day, he’d walk around saying, “I’m gonna punch you in the stomach!” and I could not figure out why. Turns out it’s from some song they learned in school, so we sang it all weekend – ‘My name is Choo Choo Charlie, I know karate, gonna punch you in the stomach, oops i’m sorry. Gotta go potty, call my mommy. My name is… freeze.”  W.T.F.

Anyway, I told the kids I was going to tell the people I work with that I was going to punch them in the stomach. And my little one looks at me and he says “If you do that, then you’ll proll-a-ly have to go to jail. They’ll call the po-leese.”  Yup – that is all true. I told him he was right and he’d have to visit me in jail.

Being a three year old boy, farts are the funniest thing in the world. So are poop jokes. We all have a LOT of fun being gross together.

So I came back to my place – all alone – and I miss them and my sister and my mom and dad and wish I was still there. Especially since come tomorrow morning I have to go to work and I’ll feel like punching people.

This is home


2 Responses to "Home"

Hahaha! CL, Cath and I totally did the surprise thing to our parents on Mother’s day when we were in college (ehh 8 years ago). It was just a 12 hour drive from Atlanta to D.C. No biggie — so I thought. There was no weeble-woobling, but we found out we set a dangerous precedent. Even now my mom is like “so you are coming home to surprise me for my birthday, right?” Plane tickets are just a wee bit more than gas money (even for my jumbo American car).

So glad you had such an awesome time, and I hope it didn’t lead to any pugilistic co-worker interactions, but completely understandable if it did!


LOL! That is awesome. I love how mushy parents can get – we have a big family get-together this weekend, which obviously I can’t go to, but my dad keeps asking me if I’m coming home. Now I’m afraid they’re going to think I’ll just be showing up! 🙂 Are you planning on coming home anytime soon, or do you get most of the visitors since you live in the exotic locale?

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