Arranging Marriages – Part 12 (aka, California Dreamin’)

Posted on: June 13, 2012

Right before I left for Namibia, my cousin’s wife had given me the email of this single, eligible, “great” guy that lives in Cali. I emailed him, as I am required to do. We wrote back and forth a few times, and it basically ended with me giving him my phone # and him saying he’d call. IN MAY. He never called.

Ok, so he might have written and asked me “What time is best for me to call?” (a week later after he actually said he would call) but come on… that’s such a BS email. It’s just another way of procrastinating so there’s no responsibility. No effort. No anything put forth to make something happen. I never replied to that email because I thought it was dumb. Call whenever – we have a 3 hour time difference, not 12.

SO… today… my cousin’s wife’s mother-in-law (did you follow that one? Basically, my aunt) calls me and asks what’s going on. I told her the semi-truth – that the last thing I did was email him my phone number and I never heard from him. Come on – it’s basically true, maybe just fudged a little bit. So she told me that HIS MOM SAID I QUIT TALKING TO HIM. Because that’s how “girls today” are.

Um, what the fuck, bitch. That’s not true. I sent him an email first, I sent pictures first, I sent him my # first. He said he would call. I only didn’t respond to a stupid, superfluous email that was never necessary and he already had my digits. WHAT MORE AM I SUPPOSED TO DO????

I don’t get these boys. Seriously.  Why do I have to be the one who initiates everything? I cannot even imagine what sex would be like with them. I assume they’d just lay there and *I* would have to do all the work.

Everyone is annoying me right now. The whole world. Everyone can go fuck themselves.


3 Responses to "Arranging Marriages – Part 12 (aka, California Dreamin’)"

Uh 100% AMEN, sisterfriend. GARGHHH. I hate the wishywashy, take-no-responsibility thing. So, so glad you did NOT respond to that lame-o email.

I hope your cousin’s wife’s mother-in-law responds to his mum!! She should tell her that she’s absolutely right. “Girls today” don’t put up with weak-willed, spineless, rubbish excuses for men. Maybe she should have raised a proper man…

…..what are the chances that this’ll happen? 😉

I thought that exact same thing about “girls today” – ARGH. I was SOOOO MAD. I still haven’t heard from him, probably never will, which is fine. A proper man. God that seems like some ridiculous fantasy right – as unlikely as me marrying Prince Harry! 😉

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