Arranging Marriages – Part 14 (aka, Guess who FINALLY called)

Posted on: June 18, 2012

It’s only been 3 weeks since I left a voicemail for Z.  He finally found time to call me back.

He had to leave a message, because I was so shocked when I saw his number, I had no desire to answer — he said that he’s been telling his dad the truth too (Ha! I really do not believe that) and that ‘our’ parents must just be really trying to push things (again, HIS dad emailed mine, not the other way around) and that he’s enjoying his new job – he hopes I’m doing well and we’ll chat … soon.

It was a hesitant end, which I understand, because this was probably our official “goodbye” so it seems weird to say we’d talk again.

I did call him back, about 20 minutes later and it went to his voicemail. What the hell… he *just* called.  Anyway, I left a rather nice message saying I’m glad he had been truthful, that if he’s ever in Atlanta to let me know, and if he wanted to keep in touch now that there was no pressure from the parents, he was welcome to…

I doubt I’ll ever hear from him again, which is fine.  At least it’s done.





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