My Asshole Friends

Posted on: June 18, 2012

I love my guy friends, I really do. But jeez they can be a bunch of dicks.

I have a friend who is so unbelievably picky when it comes to women, it’s ridiculous. And let me point out that he isn’t God’s Gift – nice guy, but nobody’s breaking their neck to take a second look, you know?

He has a date this week that he’s totally freaking out about, trying to pick the perfect place, wondering what he should wear – basically acting like a girl. So over dinner last night, I pointed out that even if it’s the best date ever in the history of the world, he will find something to obsess over and make sure it doesn’t work out.

So he says: “You’re right… she does have these neck creases that I don’t like.”

The other three of us just gaped at him, and our friend who also knows this girl with the ‘neck creases’ says:

“Um, you know that’s not fat, right? She had surgery…Those are scars.”

His response? “Oh…”

God. He’d probably turn down a date with Padma Lakshmi because of her “arm creases.” Dumbass.


“No thanks! I like my supermodels to be fat-scar free.”


6 Responses to "My Asshole Friends"

Haha. That’s so typical for a guy. They are super picky but nothing to write home about.

Being the big 5-0 now and still looking like I’m 33, I have definitely seen my share of guys act like they have to be soooo picky over the woman they want, but then they themselves are NOTHING to take home to introduce to the lady’s family at all. I find it rather disturbing personally. Which is why I stopped dating & decided to further my education instead. I’ve actually had TONS more fun shooting for my Bachelor’s Degree than dealing with a moronic, selfish, or sexist pig who’s hiding all those traits & not showing the ugliness of who he really is.

Like Carolina said, “That is so typical for a guy.”

Congrats on going back for your degree! That is awesome 🙂 And agree – better to know the bad up front rather than find out later!

Most definitely! I thought your blog was really cute–and very honest, which is good for young ladies like yourself today. Hiding how crude, insensitive, & even violent guys can sometimes be is bad; young ladies need to know these things so they don’t end up marrying the wrong young man. You can check out my blog anytime: You’ll find a few blogs I wrote about a variety of things I’ve experienced & even witnessed over my years. I wish you & your friends all the best; may Lord Ganesh remove any & all obstacles from your paths through-out your lives; Sri Saraswarti give you Great Knowledge & Wisdom in your Careers, Future Homes, & Finances; Sri Laxmi give you Great Wealth & Health; Ma Kali give you Great Strength to make the major changes in your lives when needed; and Sri Radha-Krishna bring you the right men & women into your lives as your husbands & wives. Bright Blessings to you all! Peace! =D

Thank you SO much 🙂 Will definitely check out your writings as well!!

You’re very welcome. 🙂 Later!

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