My Dad is so cute when he’s not trying to marry me off

Posted on: June 19, 2012

Today’s conversation started while I was in the car – Dad called and said he couldn’t get to his email on his computer (his other one died about a month ago, and he’s been world wide web-less since then). Anyway, of course my dad uses Juno… He’s so internet old-school it’s awesome. I told him I’d call back when I got home:

Dad: “I can’t open my email”

Me (after logging into Juno as him to mirror what he sees): “Do you see your inbox?”

Dad: “Yes, but I click on it and nothing happens. I’ve been trying for three hours. I can get on youtube. I can get on cnn. I can do everything but email. SOMETHING is blocking it. I called for help but they put me on hold for 30 minutes so I hung up.”

Me: “Ok… I hit the inbox link and … OOOOOOOOOOH! I GOT IT! YOU HAVE A POP UP BLOCKER IN PLACE!” (because apparently, Juno thought the inbox needed to open in a new window)… “Ok, right click on the inbox.”

Dad: “Right click???” (a few seconds go by…then a few more… then a few more…) “Ok, I did – now what do I do?”

Me: “Where it says ‘open new tab’, click on that”

Dad: “Right click? Or left click?”

I got him through the rest of how to open his email and he was SOOOOOOOO excited, I even got a “Thank  you!” which made me giggle.

In the past 30 minutes, I’ve got american express spam from him and emails relating to my brother’s wedding. He’s baaaaaaaaaaack … and will soon be emailing parents all over the world to try and get me married  😉


6 Responses to "My Dad is so cute when he’s not trying to marry me off"


My mother told me the OTHER DAY, “Did you know that you can play music on the internet?”

hahaha. That is SO cute! A year ago, when my dad ‘found’ youtube, he told everyone to go look at it. They’re adorable 🙂

Omg, Juno is still around? Wow. I love when parents are inadvertently hilarious.

Yes!! Juno still exists!!! I think that’s the take-away from this story, actually, in case you’re looking for a new email 😉

Amazing. Simply amazing. And too funny as well! 🙂

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