Thank you – My 100th post!!

Posted on: June 22, 2012

When I started writing, I was in the throes of heartbreak, could barely see through my tears and didn’t know what I was going to do with myself. And out of that and a suggestion from a friend (who was probably sick of listening to me), this little blog started.

I never thought anyone would read it, much less LIKE it or LAUGH at it or COMMENT on it… and yet all of that has happened multiple times over. You guys are awesome!!!

So thanks…. thanks for reading the ramblings of a sometimes crazy Indian girl, with most of the time crazy parents (who I love) and a ridiculous cast of characters that I never thought would be in my life!!

As a gift to you, let me share the some of the crazy search terms that brought people to my little blog via google, bing, whatever…  Lots of love to the perverts out there who find me in the weirdest ways and hope you liked what you read!!!

I swear these are all true and I do not understand how they got to my page:

  • cocaine whore portobello edinburgh
  • my joburg whore tumblr
  • masai fuck white tourist lady
  • the white masai book ridiculous
  • smooth boy moobs sucken
  • flush tampon
  • i had sex my mom
  • i said stop but he push his big dick in me anyway and got it on tape
  • condescending white people
  • olimpik sex
  • being alone blows


No seriously. I have never written about fucking a mom. Ever. HOW DID YOU FIND ME.


1 Response to "Thank you – My 100th post!!"

Hahaha , some weird stuff comes up on those search terms don’t they .. 😉

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