Did you want to share some coke?

Posted on: June 24, 2012

That was the question some random girl asked us tonight at the bar. And we, my friends and I, are so non drug oriented, we all just looked at her and one of us actually asked: “Did you mean… cola?” He was joking, but she didn’t think so.

Her: “No… coke. It’s cheaper if we all ordered a lot to share.”

Us: “Ummm…. no. Thanks.”

What the fuck were we gonna do? Grab some straws, sit at the table and snort a pile together? Cause there was no way in hell that she was going to come home with any of us. As my friend T said, the logistics of planning all this was enough to give us a headache. Doesn’t this random girl know? We ate dinner at 6. Early bird special. We’re more likely to pass out on the sofa, watching a movie, with a hand in our pants, than bother to deal in illicit activity.

She walked away and the last we saw, she was asking random guys on the street if they wanted to buy some coke with her.





1 Response to "Did you want to share some coke?"

Hahaha, wow, that’s pretty random!

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