The stuff that plays on the gym TVs

Posted on: June 26, 2012

I was at my new gym yesterday (45 mins elliptical, 15 mins stairmaster – I have to get to the point where my stomach doesn’t need its own sports bra) and having just started my workout, this* show caught my eye. It was perfectly in my line of vision, and was closed-captioned, which was helpful since I was listening to my iPod.

HOLY MOTHER OF FUCKING HELL.  What is wrong with people??

No lie… While on the elliptical, I was thinking “Maybe I should be on the tread and training to run as fast as I can?”

Pretty quickly, I quit feeling sorry for myself. God. Nothing like a little perspective.

*Perhaps don’t read the youtube comments if you have an IQ over 10. Seriously. Just do yourself a favor and don’t read them.



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