I’m Olympics Bound!!

Posted on: July 4, 2012

It’s not for my amazing athletic ability though.

After talking about this stupid trip for SO LONG (seriously, at least 6 months), it’s finally coming together… not because I’m so convincingly fun that people wanted to travel across the Atlantic with me, but more so because Delta had a massive fare sale that was AWESOME.

So I bought my ticket today and am incredibly excited!!!! And then my friend texted and said his friend actually has tickets to some events, so maybe I’ll even get to see something! I don’t care if it’s fucking sumo wrestling. I just want to go to an Olympic event.

Usually, when I tell my parents I’m planning an overseas trip, my mom says all of this in some sort of order: “If you see everything yourself, what will be left to see with your husband? There will be nothing new!” and then “Why do you want to waste money??” and then “You need to save and should wait until you have someone to go with.”  All the same stuff, in random combinations, that shows her disapproval but never her outright dis-allowance of said trip.

That ship has fucking sailed.

Today, on skype, I told them I might be going and they didn’t bat an eye.

My dad just says: “If you go, can you bring me back a one-foot tall Big Ben statue? But not if it’s too expensive.”





4 Responses to "I’m Olympics Bound!!"

Um, I’m jealous. I’m happy to just be there during the opening ceremonies!

Amazing city, and amazing time to be visiting!

my friend bailed on me! i think i’m coming alone for a part of it 😦 if you’d want to meet a stranger off wordpress, let me know!! (i’m totally not even kidding!)

Ooh you still get to go to the Olympics though, right?? Event tickets are extortionately priced now but worth making a holiday of, and flying over for, if someone else is taking you. Otherwise, to be honest, I’d skip Olympic-crazed-London and come later when it’s less jam-packed!

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