Arranging Marriages – Part 16 (aka, WTF are you calling me for?)

Posted on: July 15, 2012

Guess who just called? Z.

Thank god for this blog, otherwise I wouldn’t have remembered we last “talked” a MONTH AGO.

WHY IS HE CALLING?!?!?! I mean, sure I said in the last voicemail I left him that he was welcome to keep in touch but I didn’t really think he would.  And, I assumed if he was going to, that it wouldn’t take SO LONG to be in touch. Fucking idiot.

I didn’t pick up his call, because why would I? Actually, I assumed he mis-dialed and wasn’t expecting a voicemail. But lo and behold, the message he left was: “Hey! Sorry it’s taken so long to call you – I’ve just been really busy. Best time to get a hold of me is on the weekend. Just thought I’d call so we could catch up. Hope you’re doing well.”

“Sorry it’s taken so long”????? Like I was sitting here waiting?!!?!? UGH! I am not calling back. Maybe I’ll text him later, but what is this bullshit? His parents are probably pissed he managed to screw it up, yelled at him and that’s the reason for the call after one month.

Oh! AND! The other one?? We’d emailed a few times back and forth, and the last email I sent was a week ago. No response since then, which I told my parents and of course Dad was like, “Should I call his mom and tell her he’s not writing?”  Sigh… No, Dad. That’s not necessary. (My poor parents. I really do feel awful for them with this whole thing….) I went ahead and emailed him again, of course. Let’s see how long this one takes to end in nothing!


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