The Global Fat Scale

Posted on: July 16, 2012

Guys… I almost gave myself a heart-attack (which would’ve been fairly ironic, actually). I have been pretty open about gaining a few (maybe 10) pounds in the past few months.

Well, BBC has this “Global Fat Scale” where you can see where you are in terms of  comparative fatness to the rest of the world.

I changed the height from metres to feet, cause I have no clue what I am in metres. Or in American spelling, meters.

But, I didn’t change the weight from kilograms to pounds – I just didn’t notice it.  So I put my information in and apparently, with my height in feet and weight in kilograms, I am 100% fatter than my entire cohort in the whole world. THE WHOLE WORLD.

ONE HUNDRED PERCENT FATTER!!!! But the best part was, it told me I was “most like” someone from … (drum roll please….):  TONGA!!!!


Ok, after I realized what I did and fixed it, turns out I’m below average BMI across the board, and that I’m really most like someone from … (drum roll again…):  INDIA!!!!!

Fucking awesome. If this random BBC website doesn’t validate my existence as an Indian woman, I don’t know what does 😉




3 Responses to "The Global Fat Scale"

TONGA! ha ha ha ha 🙂

Lol this post totally made me snort!

Oh and I am a tad overweight and like someone in LIBYA 😦

Libya?!?!? That totally just made me giggle. 🙂

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