I joined Match… again

Posted on: July 19, 2012

So I decided it was finally time to get back online and date again. It’s not like I’m meeting quality guys on my own or through my parents, as you’ve been reading.

Last night, I took the plunge and joined Match. Actually, it turns out that technically I “re-joined” – I had a profile that had been hidden from the first time I joined… 4 years ago. Holy fuck. I did this FOUR FUCKING YEARS AGO AND NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

Well, some things have changed: I’m older. I’m more jaded. I’m more heartbroken. I’m making more money (thought I’d at least throw in a positive).

I’ve not felt so stagnant in a long time. And partly, it’s because it contrasts so badly with where I (delusionaly) thought I would be around this time this year: Living in the UK. Planning a wedding. Complaining about the shit weather they have. Snuggling up with the boy that I thought I loved. Living a British life on an American salary.

As my friend, S, said when I was complaining to her about having to get back online after these many years of nothing-ness: Maybe this time around the boys will be newer, shinier and better.

We can only hope. Stay tuned….


4 Responses to "I joined Match… again"

Just have to confess I love reading your blog. I love your honesty and the bit of cultural info I can pick up. I really don’t have any advice or tips and it would be condescending of somebody in MY position to give them, but i do have a question. Would you and your family accept a non-Indian husband or do you all really expect your husband to be Indian? I’m just curious.

Awww Thanks!!! 🙂 That totally made my day! At this point in my life, my parents just want me married. To anyone. 😉 The ideal would be Indian, from our state, that speaks our language, and is from the same or at least similar caste (even though it’s 2012). But really, they just want me to be happy and with someone, whoever that may be – whether he’s Indian or not! This wasn’t always the case though – it’s a matter of being more liberal over time. 10 years ago, it was expected I would only marry Indian. Now that it hasn’t happened, other avenues are open.

Thanks for answering my question so openly and I really do wish you all the best luck. I’ll save the clichés (because they must be making you barf at this point) but life can be good no matter what happens.

Oh no problem! Ask whatever you’d like!! I’m an anonymous open book 😉

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