Change of A Dress

Posted on: July 23, 2012

I picked up some new tops over the weekend (yeah, my shopping moratorium lasted all of 1 day about 6 months ago) and realized my style is changing.

As previously noted, I have big boobs. In the past (and still sometimes late at night), they’re front and center, on display and ready for some fun.

But I’ve noticed that my shopping habits have… ‘evolved’ (for lack of a better word). I find myself buying things like this instead of this.  I don’t mind so much looking like Blanche* though 😉

I used to mess around with a guy who was about 10 years older than me. He still acted like he was a frat boy, which was part of the appeal, but 40+ acting like 20 is only fun for a few months. In any case, one of the strangest compliments he ever gave me (that anyone ever gave me) was: “You know, it’s really great you work out and keep yourself in shape. A lot of girls with boobs like yours would just rest on that fact. But I like that you still care enough to keep the rest of your body in shape too.”

Um… thanks? I promise that was word for word. Anyway – we were chatting about clothes and I pointed out that I wasn’t wearing stuff as low-cut as I used to (to be honest, it’s still in my closet, it just doesn’t make it on my body anymore… as much). He was appalled. He seriously asked why I wouldn’t “show them off.”

I have no problem showing them off. And when I still choose to wear things that are revealing, I don’t get offended when people look. I’m not one of those girls who’s gonna be upset that you’re checking out my boobs or ass. I actually get more upset if nobody looks. I’m not wearing this shit for myself!

But, the low-cut/tight clothing happens a lot less often than it used to.  Guys… the point of this stupid story is… I think I’m growing up.

*If I get to this point, however, feel free to stage an intervention

1 Response to "Change of A Dress"

I have big boobs too. The low cut stuff gets awkward after a while because you”re constantly thinking “i can’t move in this” or “i hope I don’t fall out”. Kudos for the confidence to wear what you want.

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