Arranging Marriages – Part 17 (aka, in my defense)

Posted on: July 30, 2012

As has been discussed in the 16-part series of this never-ending saga (at least, never-ending until I finally get married), I’m often considered to be “at fault” for not being married by now. I admit some of it is definitely because of my personality and not saying yes to guys who, with hindsight, are now “the ones that got away.” But a lot of it is because I just get a superfluous amount of douchebags in my life. Perhaps my ‘douche-filter’ hasn’t ever worked. Or maybe it has and I ignore it…

In any case, it does seem the whole world is trying to help me along on this mission. My parents’  friends emailed them about this boy they know, who is now ‘seriously’ looking. Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. In any case, my dad sent his mom my biodata. AND THEN! Without giving us ANY information about the boy, they DEMANDED (ok, maybe they requested it nicer than I’m making it seem) a picture of ME!

How fair is that?

And my dad… my Dad who is usually telling me I don’t try hard enough… he wrote this, spelling and grammatical errors and all:

        we don/t know anything about him so ask her to send his short bio to CurryLove  then let them correspond and do  whatever they please to do. it is only fair CurryLove knows little bit about him. also i don’t know how to send pictures.actually CurryLove is living for london next week,it is a business and  pleasure trip . bye

So, I don’t know what kind of business my dad thinks I’m doing there, but it’s one of those things he says so people don’t think I’m just faffing around the world. 😉

And I love that he was just like, “I don’t know how to send pictures.” We went over this! I’ve taught him how to attach stuff to emails! He used to have post-its everywhere that explained how to do things like that (step by step), but I don’t know where they went. I guess another tutorial is in order.

So then! His friend emails and said he told the mom to tell her son to write me. And my daddy says:

       Prefect, that is the way it should be,there is no point putting cart before the horse,  at least that is what we learnt from british,bye,talk to you later

Seriously, he’s so cute. Do I mention enough how much I love them?!?!!?  (Oh and in case you’re curious –  nope, have not heard from this “very seriously looking” boy. Don’t expect to either.)


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Very cute.

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