Back from London – Part 2 (aka, PDA and Potato Wedges)

Posted on: August 8, 2012

There were a few more random things I forgot to mention in the previous post….

5) I couldn’t tell if it was the locals or visitors who were engaged in amorous displays of love, but the PDA was everywhere. Seriously. EVERY-FUCKING-WHERE. On the tube, in the park, while walking in front of you on the way to the tube or the park, early in the morning, late at night, at the bar, near the bar, in the bar… it didn’t seem to matter where or what time of day. Maybe seeing all those girls walk around with no pants puts everyone in the mood?

In any case, I’m a single, jaded, bitter, angry fuck-all of a human at times and basically wanted to punch everyone in the face for putting a love that I don’t have on display for me to see. It’s like the Universe is saying: “Oh! You dated a British guy and were supposed to be here with him? LOOK AT WHAT IT WOULD HAVE BEEN LIKE! It would’ve been awesome. You could’ve been loved up all over the city. You could’ve held hands on the tube! You could’ve kissed in Trafalgar Square!  But nope. You’re SINGLE. Sucks for you, CurryLove! SUCKS.FOR.YOU.”

Or you know, it’s just me being sensitive. Whatever.

6) The other thing I meant to discuss is the London love for Potato Wedges. Is this an overall British thing? An English thing? WHY do people choose to buy wedges of potatoes for a snack? Why are these sold instead of just chips (fries)? Aren’t wedges and chips(fries) the same thing, just different cuts of the potato? WHY have I put so much thought into this??

It’s strange, really. We were in Hyde Park to watch the games and there were food trucks everywhere. Lots of food trucks that had lots of meat (example pic below). And lots of people really like all that meat… But I am not one of them. I’m a veggie-eater only. So my options were limited since I didn’t want to have “Britain’s Best Gourmet Burgers.” Luckily, there was a Mexican food truck. And at that truck, I had two options: a veggie burrito (which honestly didn’t sound very good) or Potato Wedges with Cheese.  I chose the cheesey wedges.   Ok… I thought it was going to be the gooey melty cheese we get here. No. It was not. It was shredded some-type-of-cheese on top of wedges.  And since the wedges weren’t hot, the cheese didn’t melt, which essentially meant it just fell off the top of the wedges as we walked back to our seats. Not the best thing I’ve ever had. Not even close.

You know the other option for toppings for the wedges? Refried beans and sour cream… you know what that’s usually on top of??? NACHOS.  Why did they take YUMMY Mexican food and make it … not yummy English food? WHY?  And who actually wants beans on top of their potatoes? I don’t understand. At all.

On the bright side of all of this, the guy serving in the truck was incredibly fucking hot. I have no pictures to prove it, but just trust. He was.


Watching Andy Murray play on the BIG screen at Hyde Park

I tried to get my friend to pose with her mouth open underneath this sign, but she refused. Spoil sport.






5 Responses to "Back from London – Part 2 (aka, PDA and Potato Wedges)"

I’ve never come across our love for potato wedges, refried beans and sour cream – I don’t think I’ve ever seen it either! Are you sure they were wedges and not chunky chips? You need to have had at least one of the following two whilst you were here though:
Hot chunky chips with baked beans (add grated cheese for the extra chavviness/on-the-way-to-obesity factor) and or
Fish and chips with mushy peas.

We’re one classy country when it comes to street/comfort food 😉

The extra chavviness made me giggle!! Fish and chips were everywhere, of course, and I promise – they were Potato Wedges! I can’t say much though – I live in the country that will fry anything: Fried oreos, fried twinkies (both are super yum), fried candy bars…. you name it, we’ll fry it!

Blagh. I lived in London for two years and have yet to discover a native English dish that makes my American tongue go “now THIS is good!”. usually it left me going “this is greasy, and fatty, and still doesn’t taste awesome”. Jacket potato was a classic when I was there. What’s that you ask? It’s a baked potato covered in fatty things…like beans and cheese.

Where’d you live and why were you there? I think I’d really enjoy it, from the brief glimpse I got!!

I lived there for two years while I was working on my degree. I eventually transferred my credits to Canada, but I did a good chunk there. I lived a ten minute walk from Wimbledon for most of it actually, then in Roehampton.

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