Arranging Marriages – Part 18 (aka, Why do I have to do all the work?)

Posted on: August 15, 2012

To start, let me just answer my own question – I have to do all the work because I am an Indian girl.

To back up – as per this post, I was supposed to chat with this boy, C.  So I had let him know that I was heading to London for holiday and he had said that he couldn’t really chat on email, so how about we exchange phone numbers? Fine. Sure. Whatever.

He texted me when I got back and I will admit, it took me a day to text him back (I was sick and falling asleep early), so yes, it took me a day.

How long did it take him to get back to me? ONE FUCKING WEEK. ONE WEEK. And his text?? “Welcome back! I’m sure London was great!” IT TOOK A WEEK TO COME UP WITH THAT?!!? I didn’t know I was chatting with Shakespeare.  Fucking hell. Also… welcome back? I’ve been back for a week!

So yesterday, my mom asks, “Are you still talking to him?” And I told her the truth – that he takes his sweet time getting back to me and that he had texted but I hadn’t written back yet.

Her: “But CL, maybe he was busy! It’s ok if you have to give a push sometimes. He is a good boy and his family is good and you know how hard it is to find someone. I’ll ask his mom if he’s really interested.  But you need to call him immediately.”

And then she truly bust into tears and I got so annoyed. Because yes, of course I have to do everything straight away while he can take weeks.  And seriously, do we KNOW he’s a good guy? I’m sure he is, but how do we know that he’s not snorting ants and killing pandas in his spare time!?!?? WE DON’T!

In any case, then I explained to her how sending a text takes about 10 seconds and for it to take a week is completely unacceptable. She still didn’t believe me, and I feel her pain, but  I cannot force him to be interested, or make calls in a timely manner, or really anything else.

But fine, I did call today. Left a message. Let’s see how long it takes for him to respond.


Me. Except I’m not blonde. And I don’t have an old-timey rotary phone. And I’m not waiting by the phone I do have. So… not really me.







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