The Real World is Still On?

Posted on: August 15, 2012

I was just flipping channels (settled on “When Animals Attack”) but happened to see that The Real World on MTV (also could go by “When Animals Attack”) is STILL ON.

What season is this?? 30000?

I am old enough to remember when the very first Real World came on – NYC. Seven strangers picked to live together… to see what happens when they stop being polite and start getting real.

Remember? Remember Julie, the innocent dancer? Norman, the gay guy?? Kevin, the black guy? The cute guy who went on to host some MTV shows and I can’t remember the shows or his name?  Remember the fight about race between Kevin and Julie? Remember when Norman went to the protest/rally about gay rights?? Remember him kissing another boy and it was scandalous??? Remember discussing all of that the next day at school?

Remember San Francisco? With Puck and Jude and Rachel and Pedro? The first time HIV was shown in a way that would mean something to those watching? Remember his commitment ceremony with his partner? Remember Puck being a complete asshole and that was just who he was, not some part he played for the show to gain notoriety??

God. Remember when this show meant something? For so many of us, it opened our eyes to what happens as you get just a little older – having gay friends, different race friends, different religion friends. Coming to terms with what you thought was right and being challenged to accept others.

Now it’s just sex. And drinking. And drinking while having sex. And having sex while being filmed and hoping it launches a career, a la Kim K and Paris Hilton.

I remember being very young and not being allowed to watch MTV at all, unless we were sick and had to stay home from school and then it was a special treat. I still remember Dad putting it on for us one day and Mom getting SO mad because Madonna’s “Open your Heart” video came on with the kid and the peepshows and Mom turned it off and said, “THIS is why you’re not allowed to watch this junk!”  And Dad just laughed, but the tv didn’t get turned back on.

Fuck man. I know I’m not the first to say it, but I want that MTV back. The one that was provocative and made you think and was controversial because of the content not just the fake characters.  The one that was relevant.


2 Responses to "The Real World is Still On?"

They’re shooting the new one here in Portland. Lame.

What?? That’s crazy. I remember Seattle wasn’t particularly nice to the cast, and that was when RW was still popular!!

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