Arranging Marriages – Part 19 (aka, WHY are you making excuses for HIM?)

Posted on: August 17, 2012

I talked to mom today on the way home… turns out that my mom and C’s (the new boy) mom are chatting. Whhhhhyyyyyyyyyyyy????????????

My mom said his mom had called a few days ago, and they finally got in touch with each other today. She said they talked for a good half-hour and that his mom asked for my number.  (Also, it’s very clear that my mom loves his mom just like my dad loved Z’s dad.)

Me: “Why’d she need my number?”

Mom: “To give to him, so he can call you.”



Mom: “Oh.”


Anyway, I did call him the other night and he had excuses texted to me two nights in a row why he couldn’t chat – that’s fine, at least he texted.  He called today while I was still at work (because you know, his mom probably called and yelled at him to call me. And gave him my number. That he already had.)

The rest of my conversation with mom:

Mom: “So have you talked to him?”

Me: “Mom – he just called and left a message while I was still at work. Like 20 minutes ago. I’ll call him sometime this weekend.”

Mom: “Oh, well, you know where he lives? He can’t talk in the car there. He’ll get a ticket.”

Me (after some silence wonder what the fuck that has to do with anything): “What? Who cares? He can call from home like a normal person.”

Mom: “Just so you know – he can’t talk from his car.”


Yet – she’ll even use that as an excuse as to why he can’t get back to me.

What is wrong with her? I have to be up his ass, calling back immediately, texting him immediately, but he gets excuses made from a woman who didn’t even birth him? WHAT. THE. FUCK.

I love her but….She’s really irritating the crap out of me right now.

We just finished up family time on skype and the last thing she says to me is: “CALL HIM!”


And actually, I did actually call him today – we had a conversation that lasted for less time than his mom talked to mine. He said he’d call this weekend, so let’s see what happens. I hate saying I don’t care, but honestly, I just don’t care.

What I really want, though, is for my parents to not care anymore – to be ok with the fact that I may be single forever and they don’t have to be happy about it (I’m not) but they have to accept it and quit this pressure that makes me feel like running away and screaming and leaves me feeling like SHIT that I cannot do this whole getting married thing right.

I cannot help that I suck at this or I can’t find the right person or whatever the fucking problem is, but this pressure that has existed for so long doesn’t help and it’s pretty damn clear that it hasn’t helped in all these years. If it had, wouldn’t I be writing about my shit life with my annoying husband and kids right now?


10 Responses to "Arranging Marriages – Part 19 (aka, WHY are you making excuses for HIM?)"

I don’t know why society puts so much pressure on people to be married. I am married and I am happy. That said, I think it is better to be single and happy than to be married to the wrong person.

You don’t suck at dating. You just need time and space. You said that you are not happy being single. This doesn’t mean your life can’t be full. Everyone needs to back the heck off of you.

Thanks 🙂 This guy could be ‘the one’ – but all this pressure doesn’t help us figure it out!! He must be irritated as much as I am!!

Oh I am sure he is. At least you will have one thing to talk about 😉

I am following you. I would love if you checked out my blog.

Thanks again! Will definitely check yours out 🙂

I thought Z was done? He’s like the zombie suitor.

HAHAHA. That just made me giggle out loud. Z is definitely done. This is “C” – a new boy! Just what the parents ordered!

Sorry. I must be confused. Maybe I need new glasses, but I’m glad you giggled!

Let me go back and update the post so it’s clear!!!

I know just how you feel. They mean well and fortunately they’re never going to stop caring :).
My mother’s taken a bit of a break from hunting for me after I’ve turned down guys recently for small (& stupid) reasons – but I think her reverse psychology is beginning to work!!

Oh good!! I’m glad she’s taking a break and it’s kind of funny that you’re wanting her to start again 😉 You have to get back to writing – been missing your posts!

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