Match Date #1 / Women are Gross – Part 2

Posted on: August 19, 2012

So as you know, I’ve been on for a bit…. and I had my first date from it t0day.

He’s Muslim (not so great for me, considering I’m Hindu) but I figured I’d give him a shot. We met for coffee and he’d texted about how he was looking forward to it.

We meet up, he’s cute, fit, a bit shorter than me in heels and divorced with four kids.



Apparently, he didn’t feel the need to disclose that in his profile, because ……. he knew no-one would want to deal?

It came out piece by piece, and he was clearly not wanting to chat about it, but there was no way in fucking hell I was going to let it go either. First, the divorced part came out: “Yeah, I’ve been divorced about 2 years.”  Me: “Oh, how long were you married?”  Him: “12 years.”  Me: “Oh…………so…………… are there any kids??” Him: “Yes.” Me: “Um….. how many?” Him: “4.”

Me: “Oh……………. ummmmmmmmmmmm. How old?”

Him: “They range from 11 to 3.”

Me: “Wow. That sucks that you guys got divorced. The poor kids.”

Ok. That may have been a super shitty thing to say, but come on! His youngest is THREE. They got divorced when he was ONE. THAT BLOWS.

At the end of our date, he says: “I’d love to see you again.”

I said: “Sure, but clearly, this is not going to work romantically, so it would be just as friends.”

Honestly, I cannot even lead him on. What’s the point? This was going to go nowhere and he had to know that. And truthfully, I would like to be friends with him – he’s outdoorsy, does off-roading in his jeep, does hiking and kayaking. There are actually things I do like about him as a person, but just not as a partner. And I apologized for being blunt, but I didn’t want to pretend this was going to be anything. He seemed to appreciate it, and we talked about going off-roading sometime in the fall to see the leaves change color.

In his jeep. That has a car-seat in the back.


And how did I get to the point that women are gross, again? Because I met up with my friends for drinks after my date. And after drinking a few myself, I had to pee. So I went to the “lady’s” room and it smelled like someone puked in there. Know why? Because someone puked in there. And turns out, they puked all over the little trash can that was in the stall that I went into, I just didn’t see it before I sat down to pee.

Seriously women. If you have to throw up, choose a place where no one else has to see or smell it. What is fucking wrong with you? GO OUTSIDE.

I hate my own gender at times, more than I can express.

And I hate the opposite gender, for various reasons.

Basically, I hate everyone.

Oh. And. I decided I want to recoup my stupid payment for 3 months worth of match, which cost me $60. I only had  a hot-chocolate today, so that’s $6 down – only $54 left to get back.


9 Responses to "Match Date #1 / Women are Gross – Part 2"

Ok. I just have to clarify. All divorced men with kids are completely out? Or just guys with kids? Or was it because he is muslim?
I don’t know your actual age, but after a certain point, most guys have kids, either in or out of wedlock, and it seems like that would narrow the field substantially. If you are set on a guy with no kids, that is perfectly fine, I’m just curious.

First issue is that he’s Muslim. I knew going in that I shouldn’t go, but figured he was so persistent, I should give him a chance and expand my network. As for divorced, not a big deal. Four kids – major deal breaker. There’s no way I can bring that home. And as far as the guys I know that are my age, nobody has kids out of wedlock. Either they’re single and just single, or married/kids. Not a lot of ‘in-between’ with that.

Ok. Fair enough. I just wasn’t sure.

Fall is coming so maybe colorful leaves and crisp mornings will put a touch of romance in the air. Wishing you good luck!

Thanks!! I clearly need all the luck I can get 🙂

That’s not what I was implying. hahaha.

I just figured a little luck never hurt anybody. I could use serious luck in a few areas myself.

I once dated a man from Match who, after four amazing dates in, revealed that he had a three month year old daughter from a prior relationship (and there was drama with the ex). I definitely think these major lifestyle facts should be disclosed beforehand.

– K.

I’m definitely super thankful he was at least up-front about it on the first date!!!!

Absolutely. By date four with the aforementioned gent, I had really started to enjoy his company so the news came as a shock.

Basically, I hate everyone.

Best. Line. Ever.

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