Kruger National Park, South Africa – Photography

Posted on: September 17, 2012

This weekend, while I was battling the animals in urban Atlanta (mainly in the form of a frog that hitched a ride with me to the recycling center, at which point I then spent 20 minutes trying to figure out how to get it off my plastic bag so it didn’t get thrown into the bin and at the same time, not jump on me because I would’ve screamed like a banshee…), I had friends who were off on safari.

So because I’m insanely jealous that all I saw was a frog, and they saw some of the Big Five, I’m posting safari pictures of my own from a 2010 trip to Kruger.  This was one of my most favorite vacations ever, because my family went with me as well — we had the BEST time 🙂

To this day, my mom, dad, brother and aunt will say, “We can’t believe we saw all that!”

Enjoy! (click the first picture to open the gallery)


4 Responses to "Kruger National Park, South Africa – Photography"

Well you have inspired me to save my pennies and get my arse to Africa ! Great pics ! Xx

Thanks!!! It’s a must-see… I love it there 🙂 But Australia is on my list too… 🙂

Soooo amazing, CL! I would love to go on safari. Matt’s parents used to live in Tanzania and would take family members on safari when they visited — sadly, Matt and I got married when they had moved to Sudan — not too much safari-ing there. Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics!!

I wonder where they would take you to sight-see in Sudan… 😉 Some people from work have gotten to go to South Sudan, but I’m waiting for my turn 🙂 Sounds weird, but I’d love to go check out a new nation!!!

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